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Anti Radiation Suits and Hazmat suits - Demron Full Body Suit

Hazmat Suit  Demron® is a Nano-technology radiation resistant suit  used for full body protection against radiation with antinuclear, chemical and biological capabilities. Dr. Ronald Demeo is the creator of Demron Fabric, radiation blocking fabric. First Antinuclear suit ever developed, nano composite suit, antinuclear and chemical and biological capabilities. Suit that blocks X-ray exposure, RST Radiation Shield Technologies, First Responders radiation protection suit. RST Raditation Shield Technologies.  

RST's Demron® W Class 2 Ensemble - Hazmat Suit is the only NFPA 1994/2007 class 2 suit to provide total protection for all CBRN threats; chemical warfare agents (CWA's), toxic industrial chemicals (TIC's), alpha particles, X radiation, gamma radiation, high energy beta radiation and heat stress. 

Unique Capabilities against Gamma, X and High Energy Beta Radiation Despite being labeled CBRN suits, no other CBRN suit can actually provide protection against Radiological or Nuclear threats. Only metals with large atomic numbers can attenuate ionizing radiation. Demron® is a nano metal polymeric compound that combines metal atoms with large atomic numbers with chemical resistant polymers. The resultant compound retains the properties of both a metal and chemical barrier to provide both radiation and chemical protection.  

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