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Chemical Bio Terrorism Ensemble (Class 2)

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July 25,2011
The Safety Equipment Institute (SEI)

July 25, 2011 

Ronald F. DeMeo, MD
President and CEO Radiation Shield Technologies, Inc.
P.O. Box 14-4254
Coral Gables, FL 33114

Dear Dr. DeMeo:

Certification Letter We are pleased to confirm that the Chemical/Bio Terrorism Ensemble (Class 2) model below is certified by the Safety Equipment Institute, effective July 25, 2011. Initial certification testing was successfully completed in accordance with the requirements of NFPA 1994-2007 Standard on Protective Ensembles for First Responders to CBRN Terrorism Incidents.

SEI Ref. No. Brand Model No. Passed Testing CBT RST 01 Demron DFBC2 July 13, 2011

Product Description: Protective Ensemble (Class 2) for First Responders to Chemical/Biological Terrorism Incidents which is certified as a complete non-encapsulating ensemble with the following elements:

Glove System (attached):
• Inner Glove: G9492-C2 GORE CHEMPAK® Ultra Barrier inner glove
• Outer Glove: G9492-OGL Outer Glove

Footwear: ®
• OnGuard - HazMax - Model No.: 87012
• OnGuard - HazMax® EZ-FIT - Model No.: 87007 or 87015

Breathing Systems:
• Scott AV3000 Face Piece (Model No's.: 805337-11, 805337-12, 805337-13, 805808-01, 805808- 02) with Scott Air-Pack® (NIOSH Approval No's.: TC-13F-76CBRN, TC-13F-80CBRN, TC- 13F-96CBRN, TC-13F-212CBRN, TC-13F-366CBRN) or Scott NxG7 (NIOSH Approval No's.: TC-13F-516CBRN, TC-13F-517CBRN, TC-13F-518CBRN, TC-13F-519CBRN)

Product Note: The Demron CBRN Body Suit above is considered certified as an ensemble ONLY when the above listed ensemble elements are worn with the above listed garment element.

The SEI Certification Mark may be used in the marketing, packaging and promotion of the model(s) detailed above, in accordance with the provisions of the SEI Certification Program Manual. Safety Equipment Institute 1307 Dolley Madison Blvd. Suite 3A McLean, Virginia 22101 Tel: 703/442-5732 FAX: 703/442-5756 

Certification Letter – Radiation Shield Technologies July 25, 2011 Per the SEI Certification Program Manual, SEI shall certify the manufacturer's product model(s) and grant the right to use the SEI certification mark when 1) the Testing Laboratory has determined that the product model submitted and tested successfully meets the appropriate product standard, 2) the Quality Assurance Auditor has determined that the manufacturer complies with SEI quality assurance requirements through an on-site audit, including a review of the quality manual and procedures, 3) the manufacturer has paid all fees, and 4) product liability insurance requirements are met. 

Following initial certification, SEI conducts annual follow-up testing on samples which are selected by SEI during the annual quality assurance audit. SEI’s certification program is accredited as a System Type 5 per ISO/IEC Guide 67:2004(E).

Thank you for your participation in the SEI Certification Program. If you have any questions, please contact the SEI Office.


William A. Fithian

Patricia A. Gleason

Technical Director

President cc: John Pio, SEI Auditor

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