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Demron Anti-Radiation Suits Donated to Japan -- American Technology at Its Best!

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June 18,2011
Yahoo Voices - Sherry Tomfeld

If you haven't heard of Radiation Shield Technologies you soon will. They are sending 200 anti-radiation suits to Japan to help shield their workers in their quest to fix the nuclear crisis. Created by Dr. Ronald DeMeo because he and his co-workers were suffering from over exposure to radiation, hee says on a YouTube video that he is a physician first and he wanted to find a source of protection for people from radiation. Enter Demron.

Demron is a liquid metal nano technology that blocks radiation penetration. It's the only suit of its kind in the world and is made in Medley, Fla.. There are 30 employees who make approximately 500 suits a month. The suits weigh about 10 pounds and remarkably has a stealth cooling system. This suit protects the body from getting too hot while wearing it.

Dan Edward, director of Radiation Shield Technologies, was on Fox News wearing the suit. It looks a lot like scuba diving gear. The suit is the only one in the world that is NBC, meaning it protects against nuclear, biological and chemical threats. After 9/11, many agencies in the United States asked for suits, but oddly enough when asked by the Fox News interviewer how many nuclear plants in the United States have them, the answer was none.

In a video, Dr. DeMeo talks about why he invented the suit, and you get a feel of how much this man cares about people. Those who work for him and who are in his community know what a generous man he can be. He gave 33-34 schools donations to buy sports and health gear. So it came as no surprise when DeMeo said as he watched Japanese workers enter the plant(s) wearing paper looking suits to protect them from high radiation exposure, he knew that he had a better way to protect them. But he has no illusions that the suits will save those who have already been exposed. He just wants to help them the best way he can.

Scientific articles, product lines and contact numbers can be found on their radshield website. With their permission and my thanks, the suits are pictured on this article. Nothing I write can express the pride those around Dr. DeMeo and Dan Edward have expressed. In one of the worst nuclear crises comes a ray of hope for the rest of the world. It comes in the form of a material called Demron.


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