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Demron - Nuclear Radiation Protection Material

January 29,2009

Radiations from a nuclear explosion or working at a radiation center can cause serious and very harmful after effects.To be protective about this issue,Radiation Shield Technologies (RST) has been granted U.S. nanotechnology patent making Demron. Its world's first and only protective material for all types of chemical, biological,radiological and nuclear incidents.Moreover the suits would not be like the usual,they would be stylish and easy to wear.    

This material 'Demron',is light weight,flexible and unlike other nano-tech material is very fold-able.It has capacity to block X-rays,Gamma rays and other nuclear emission radiations.Demron is made of liquid metal and resists chemical penetrations.Moreover,it is lead-free,toxin free and PVC free.  

The major edge that this material has is,its extra features and the easiness it brings in when it comes to wearing.The idea of a radiation blockage suit was earlier,a heavy lead material but now with this new stuff it would be much more convenient to wear one.The clothes would be made to look stylish and you may hardly recognize one wearing one because of its similarity with simple clothes.   Demron is currently deployed worldwide by NATO, NASA, the National Guard, US Navy,UAE and the governments of South Korea, China, Saudi Arabia,Australia and some others.  

The price of such clothes would be ranging from $700-$6500.  

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