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June 15,2009


Miami (FL) - Radiation Shield Technologies (RST), a developer of what it terms "personal-protection systems for ionizing and nuclear radiation," said today it has been awarded a nanotechnology patent for the world’s first protective material designed for all types of chemical, biological, radiological and even nuclear incidents. It is called Demron.
Different product forms are shown in this image. From masks to forearm coverings, aprons to tactical and full body suits. Not shown is a nuclear blanket. Nuclear blankets start at $6,499.99. Full body suits start at $1,399.99. The blue aprons (middle image) start at $699.99.
Demron "consists of an advanced radiopaque nanopolymeric compound fused between layers of fabric and manufactured into lightweight nuclear-radiation blocking garments," according to RST. It is made of liquid metal which is lead-free, toxin-free and PVC-free. It has been shown to block gamma rays, X-rays and other nuclear emissions at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and is currently used by NATO, NASA, the National Guard, US Navy, UAE and the governments of South Korea, China, Saudi Arabia and Australia, among others.
Demron is extremely heavy. The "cloth" weighs about 6 pounds per square foot. A 6' x 6' sheet (available in the form of a nuclear radiation blanket) weighs just over 200 pounds, and "is a portable shield offering protection from contained high-energy sources. The suppression blanket can be used to cover an undetonated dirty bomb, radiological dispersal device(RDD), or spill," according to RST.
Examples of garments created with Demron include full-body suits, vests, blankets and medical X-ray vests and aprons. The specific patent awarded to RST by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office is No. 7,476,889, entitled "Radiation Detectable and Protective Articles."

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