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RST designs advanced NBCR protective gear

January 29,2009


Lightweight nuclear-radiation blocking garments utilise advanced Demron nanotechnology
Posted by Aharon Etengoff at 09:39 AM GMT on Jan 28, 2009
RADIATION SHIELD TECHNOLOGIES (RST) has secured a US nanotechnology patent for its Demron NBCR (nuclear, biological, chemical and radiological) protective gear.
The new patent (No. 7,476,889) describes the use of sophisticated compounds that enable Demron-W to provide enhanced chemical, biological, radiation and flame protection. Demron is comprised of advanced radiopaque nanopolymeric fused between layers of fabric and manufactured into lightweight nuclear-radiation blocking garments.
RST CEO Dr. Ronald DeMeo explained the origins of Demron to The News in an exclusive interview.
"Part of my practice as a surgeon involved extensive work with equipment that emitted x-rays. I found myself increasingly exposed to harmful radiation and even observed related burns on the faces and hands of my colleagues. The limited means of protection available to medical staff prompted the development of a reliable compound that incorporated sophisticated polymers and reduced attenuation."
According to DeMeo, the first iterations of Demron gear were non-elaborate and designed simply to cover areas that remained unprotected by lead shielding. However, everything changed after the 11 September, 2001 terrorist attacks.
The doctor was inundated with requests from various individuals and entities interested in purchasing full body suits capable of shielding the human body from potential NBCR threats such as dirty bombs. 
DeModo and RST quickly developed a comprehensive line of Demron-based protective clothing, including full-body suits, vests, blankets, medical X-ray vests and aprons. Demron is currently utilised by NATO, NASA, the National Guard, US Navy and the governments of South Korea, China, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Australia.
"Our military and first responders traditionally have had to choose what protective suit to wear according to the specific threat they faced, and our new Demron-W suits eliminate the guesswork by providing complete protection from all types of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear hazards," said DeMeo. "Radiation Shield Technologies remains committed to developing advanced personal-protection solutions while promoting awareness, education and scientific research to advance the field."
Indeed, the company continues to refine its technology and is currently designing a fully encapsulated NBC suit with an independent breather system. Scientists have also selected Demron for thermo-mechanical suits geared towards future space travel.
Demron, manufactured out of liquid metal, is capable of resisting harsh chemical penetration and cracks. The material is lightweight, flexible and cool to the touch. 

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