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RST Unveils Demron-M Radiation-Blocking Medical Garments

December 02,2008


Miami-based Radiation Shield Technologies (RST) - developer of Demron® nuclear-radiation-blocking, anti-chemical and biological protection technology and manufacturer of personal protection systems using the technology - has launched the Demron-M line of medical garments to provide a cost-effective, lightweight, flexible, nontoxic, lead-free alternative to traditional dense, heavy lead garments used for X-ray shielding.    "As a surgeon and pain-management specialist, I was dissatisfied with the old lead garments that offer limited protection and are heavy, dense and prone to cracking," said Dr. Ronald F. DeMeo, president and CEO, RST. "I developed Demron-M because I recognized the industry's need for total radiation protection combined with comfort, flexibility and durability."    In studies by the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Demron - a radiopaque nanopolymeric compound made of liquid metal that is fused between layers of fabric - has proved to block X-rays, gamma rays and nuclear emissions. It also has been shown to be the most lightweight X-ray-shielding material available.    According to RST, Demron-M medical garments are durable, resist tears and cracks, can be washed and reused, and also are recyclable. The product line includes bras, forearm shields, aprons, two-piece vest and skirt ensembles, and nonwoven disposable masks. 

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