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Announcing the First Anti-Nuclear Suit

October 01,2002

Miami, FL. -- October 1st, 2002 -- Radiation Shield Technologies (RST) is proud to offer the world's first ionizing/nuclear radiation shielding fabric: Demron™ . For the first time, individuals have a way to adequately protect themselves from nuclear radiation.  

In light of recent developments from natural and man-made radiation sources, the proliferation of nuclear material throughout the world, and the threat of radiological terrorism and warfare, RST introduces Demron™ to protect military and civilian populations. Demron™ offers radiation protection far beyond that of current NBC suits (which only block Alpha radiation). In the field and at home, Demron™ is a potent shielding agent against nuclear radiation such as Gamma, X-ray Alpha and Beta. Independently tested at Columbia University and Georgia Institute of Technology, this lightweight, non-toxic and Lead-free radiation protection fabric is approximately one-fifth of the weight of traditional, medical Lead aprons. Demron's™ lightweight design leaves its wearer unencumbered and fully mobile while giving them the ability to work in or escape from radiation-exposed areas.  

Full-body suits made from Demron™ (weighing 3-6 lbs) were first unveiled at the inaugural Homeland Security Summit in Atlanta last month. Demron™ is now available to all military, government agencies, emergency response teams, and soon, ci

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