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Demron™: “A Choice Material for the Mars Spacesuit”

June 04,2004


Coral Gables, FL -- June 4, 2004 -- Demron™, the world’s first anti-radiation fabric, was chosen as a key material for the creation of the Mars Spacesuit.
In an article entitled “Material Choices for Mars” in The Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance, authors Marcy, Shalanski, Yarmuch, and Patchett listed Demron™ as a choice material for the future thermo-mechanical spacesuit that could be used by astronauts during a voyage to Mars. Because the planned spacesuit needs to be lightweight, flexible, and provide superior radiation protection, Demron™ was selected.
According to the April 2004 article, “Demron™, not only protects against particle ionizing/nuclear radiation (such as beta and alpha), but also against x-ray and low-energy gamma emissions. In addition, Demron™ is non-toxic and poses no environmental disposal issues when compared with metallic lead.”
JMEPEG (2004) 13:208-217
Ronald DeMeo, MD, CEO of Radiation Shield Technologies, Inc. (RSTTM), stated that the “unsponsored article reaffirms Demron’s™ capacity as a high performance anti-radiation fabric. Although Demron™, was originally developed to protect first responders and medical personnel from x-ray and gamma radiation, RST is committed to continuing its efforts with the scientific community and other manufacturers to further Demron’s™ applications and validate Dr. Marcy’s research.”

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