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New Product Offers Radiation Protection Against Dirty Bombs

Radiation Shield Technologies Announces Its New Demron® Product Line   Miami, FL. – Radiation Shield Technologies, Inc. (RST) announced today the unveiling of its new Demron® product line, designed specifically for protection against dirty bombs.   The line consists of radiation protective tactical vests, suppression blankets and full body suits.  The tactical vest protects the wearer’s most vital organs from the harmful effects of radiation, allowing a first responder to remain in a contaminated area during an emergency. RST offers a variety of these vests based on the specific radiological threat. The suppression blanket is used to cover an undetonated dirty bomb or radiological dispersal device (RDD). The blanket is strong, durable, and is designed to reduce emissions from high energy gamma sources such as Cesium 137. The full body suit is useful in providing shielding while escaping a dirty bomb.  

“We designed this new product line with the idea of protecting first responders against a dirty bomb or other radiological dispersal device,” stated Dr. DeMeo, CEO of RST. “The tactical vest allows first responders to move unencumbered, giving them the ability to rescue victims and fulfill their duties in the event of a radiological emergency".   The new product line uses Demron®, a radiation protective fabric created with nanotechnology. The material is lightweight, non-toxic and lead-free. Fused between two outer layers of fabric, Demron™ can be manufactured into any garment pattern, such as a full-body suit, that can effectively shield the human body from ionizing radiation. The material has been tested and confirmed to be an effective shield against radiation by the U.S. Department of Energy and other institutions.  

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