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Protection fabric gets Israeli patent

March 17,2011

MIAMI, March 8 (UPI) -- U.S. company Radiation Shield Technologies has been granted an Israeli patent for Demron, its high-performance, multi-hazard protection fabric.   The company says its product is the world's first and only fabric that provides total multi-hazard protection against nuclear, biological, chemical, bomb and ballistic threats, infrared radiation and heat stress.  

"RST developed Demron because we recognized that first responders need advanced personal-protection gear that helps improve athletic performance and may be used in all types of emergencies, including nuclear and radiological threats as well as traditional ballistics and bombs, IED's, RDD's and RED's," said Dr. Ronald DeMeo, the president of Radiation Shield Technologies. "We will continue to secure patents worldwide for Demron as part of our strategy to expand its market potential."  

RST has 12 other national and international patents for the product. It says the nanotechnology surpasses current NBC suits. Unlike other CBRN suits, RST's cool, lightweight, flexible full-body suit is proved to enhance athletic performance and survivability by enabling passive and active heat dissipation while providing unsurpassed chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear protection.  

Demron is the only impermeable CBRN fabric that permits heat exchange and enables the wearer to be cooled externally without having to penetrate the suit. In addition to the suit, RST's product line includes ballistic vests and high energy anti-nuclear ballistic blankets.   RST said Demron has been shown to provide multi-hazard protection against gamma rays, chemical and biological threats and X-rays by the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in the United States and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, GEOMET, and Kansas State University.   RST's products are deployed throughout the Middle East, Asia, Europe and the United States.

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