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U.S. companies, the contribution of radiation protection suit wearing in Japan 200

March 17,2011

By Radiation Shield Technologies of Florida, the U.S. ships in order to donate addressed to workers in nuclear power plant Fukushima Daiichi, wearing a 200 suit radiation protection using a material called Demron to block the radiation, to arrive at local sometime this week (that wouldMiamiHerald.Com article , article of ABC News than). 

Demron material has the ability to heat shield blocking and infrared, it also has protection from radioactive material, which was invented by Mr. Ronald DeMeo expert pain management and his Coral Gables originally is a consultant anesthetist for medical purposes, now that the military and sold throughout the world for the rescue. From happening, Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident of this time, the demand for protection suit in the Asian region in particular is likely that more deals at once. 

Radiation protection suit is sold in $ 1,700 a wear, weight wet suit looks like it's like 4.5 kg, in a black body, that can be worn alone without the help. Demron is a suit I want you to arrive as soon as possible.

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